About us

We are a modern, stable and dynamic provider of services in the field of personnel leasing and human resources with many years of experience in the Slovak and Czech labor market. We provide employment to more than 1,400 employees.

We have built a large network of regional recruitment centers to be closer not only to job seekers, but also to our business partners.

Good knowledge of the particulars of individual regional labor markets and the effective infrastructure of our centers allow us to react promptly and flexibly to individual requirements of our clients. We have our own training and education center where we provide operating motor trucks training as well as occupational safety and health training. In our Forklift & OSH training center, we train job seekers in real conditions for various positions in logistics and other manufacturing sectors.


Asociácia personálnych agentúr Slovenska (APAS)

Sme členom Asociácia personálnych agentúr Slovenska (APAS).

Our services

Personnel leasing

Personnel leasing, or temporary assignment of employees, is a modern solution which helps employers react to production fluctuations, deal with time-limited contracts, seasonal works, etc. This form of employment brings several benefits, such as:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Flexible recruitment process
  • We do payroll and personnel agenda of assigned employees
  • Flexible employment termination
  • Training of assigned employees (OSH, Fire safety, Civil defence, Forklift training)
  • Many other benefits


Streamline the recruiting process and leave it to us. Suitable candidates will be chosen based on your requirements and criteria. This comprehensive service has it all - job specification, searching for and interviewing suitable candidates according to set criteria and presentation of the selected candidates best fit for the job position.

Try & Hire

Are you looking for new employees but worried how your plans will turn out? Would you like to test new employees longer than the legal regulations allow? Then be sure to try our Try & Hire service - a combination of personnel leasing and recruiting. You can test the employee's abilities first and then decide whether the person is the right choice for your team (or whether the temporary position is the most suitable option here).

Temporary employees

Temporary employees are great in case you expect a huge influx of work or seasonal work and you do not want to waste your employees on that. Temporary employees are a great solution if:

  • You need people for only a few hours a day
  • Work is irregular
  • During periods regular staff is incapacitated or on a leave
  • During seasonal works

Cleaning and tidying service

We provide cleaning services in offices, shopping malls, hotels, manufacturing and industrial plants. Cleaning of facades, windows, blinds, carpets and floors is a matter of course. We specialize in cleaning in sensitive areas such as: CNC machines, ventilation systems or electronic data processing equipment. We offer several cleaning packages:

  • After/before shifts
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Seasonally

Accommodation service

In the Bratislava region, we have three accommodation facilities with a capacity of about 450 beds covering not only our needs but also of our business partners. The dormitory-style facilities are located in the Bratislava region.

Training centre

In our training centre, we train candidates for work with forklifts and motor trucks as well as in various other sectors like logistics and automotive sector. We train and test people regarding their manual skills, speed of reactions, colour vision, etc. Based on personal profiling and skills, candidates are then assigned to a temporary job.

In the training center, we use our own forklifts and motor trucks and other handling equipment as well as storage racks, stackers and other teaching aids. OSH training, fire safety and a medical examination is a matter of course. If necessary, training can take place at your premises.


To improve services provided to our and "your" employees as much as possible, we offer a wide range of employee benefits. In this way, we can motivate them and provide them with the necessary help through difficult life situations any person can find themselves in.

We want to let our employees know that the more loyal they will be to the company, the more the company will be willing to meet their needs and support them in their efforts. In cooperation with our business partners, we offer the following benefits:

Free legal advice

If you have found yourself in a difficult life situation (divorce, distraint, inheritance proceedings, etc.) and you need professional legal advice but have no one to turn to, our licensed legal team is at your service. We will advise and help you free of charge.

Interest - free microloan

Each month, employees who meet the criteria (some may vary depending on the branch) may apply for a financial help – an interest-free employee loan.

Social program

Employees receive free tickets to the cinema, theatre or sports grounds. Optionally, upon agreement, these tickets may be reimbursed. We organize team buildings, various sports events, and competitions for valuable prizes.

Round the clock care provided by the coordinator

Your coordinator provides you with support and assistance when adapting to the new workplace, helps you with accommodation, and makes it easier for you to find your way around the new city.

Accommodation and transport arranged

For each employee we can provide accommodation in a place near the work or transportation in cooperation with the employer.



ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004

Certificate on implementation and use of the integrated management system in accordance with the standards EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 14001:2004 for the activities of the temporary employment agency

ISO 14001:2004

Certificate on implementation and use of the environmental management system in accordance with the European standard EN ISO 14001:2004 for the activities of a temporary employment agency

ISO 9001:2008

Certificate on implementation and use of the quality management system in accordance with the European standard EN ISO 9001:2008 for the activities of the temporary employment agency

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