Responsible business

Nowadays, when the world is changing rapidly and the ecological footprint of each of us is gaining importance, responsible business is becoming not only a trend, but a necessity. How can we combine our work with environmental protection and social responsibility?

Our "Responsible Business" section is where you'll find answers to how we're trying to contribute to this we at Europersonal.
  • We support ecology - from planting trees to using recycled paper to ESG reports that reveal your ecological and social footprint.
  • Our partnerships with youth initiatives such as KAL Jasná and FK Slovan Most near Bratislava, Gréta Run Liptov show that supporting sports for young people is also a form of responsible business and our corporate strategy.
  • We are also, whether as individuals or legal entities, funders of various charitable initiatives with a wide scope and we try to help where it is most needed, and we do not forget about pets.
  • So let's join forces and show the world that responsible business is the path to success that respects our planet and its future.