We can help you find new employees

We provide extensive HR management services for our partners. We cooperate with many important companies not only in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. Our primary concern is client satisfaction, whether it is the employee or the employer.

Our clients include small and large companies, local manufacturers as well as multinational corporations:


What do clients say about us?

  • EPF Group, a.s. provides prompt responses, its friendliness and overall cooperation is very positive.
    Enics Slovakia s.r.o.
  • We evaluate the cooperation with EPF Group, a.s. very positively. We rarely use recruitment agencies in our IT specialization, so we appreciate it when we are presented with a truly relevant candidate profile. This saves us energy and time. The vacant position was filled to the satisfaction of all involved. We would especially like to highlight the pleasant behaviour of the headhunters/recruiters, namely Mr. Ing. Vladislav Sochanič, PhD., who accompanied us through the whole process with full commitment.
    SCR design s.r.o.
  • On behalf of Premier Consulting EU, s.r.o. we can express our overall satisfaction with the professional approach of the headhunter / recruiter during the entire selection process, starting with a detailed analysis of our needs and understanding of the issue, continuous communication to the actual selection of suitable candidates. We greatly appreciate this personal approach, flexible response to change and overall professional approach. We also appreciate the very pleasant cooperation and look forward to further joint projects ...
  • We would like to thank EPF Group, a.s. for their cooperation and help in finding a new colleague. Anyone who has been through the process of completing the team knows that this task is not easy at all, with this company we succeeded at the first good....During the course of our business we have confirmed Ford's words that the greatest value of the company is people, so we pay special attention to this issue in our company. Cooperation with EPF Group, a.s. has helped us to be a better company. Thank you again and we wish you many more good choices.
    SGH s.r.o.
  • We evaluate the cooperation with EPF Group, a.s. at a very good professional level. The delivery of the candidate profiles and the candidates themselves was very fast, the communication with the consultant was also excellent. On behalf of our company, we definitely recommend cooperation.
    Lamitec, s.r.o.
  • We evaluate the overall cooperation and individual approach of EPF Group, a.s. positively. We have already contacted them with several job openings. They offered us interesting candidates, from which we always chose. We also appreciate the company's evaluation of the candidate to help us in the selection process. In addition, the cooperation with the assigned recruiter/headhunter, who is also our contact person, is at a high level thanks to his communicative, helpfulness and professionalism. We are certainly interested in continuing our cooperation with EPF Group, a.s.