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Personal leasing

Personnel leasing, or temporary assignment of employees, is a modern form of solution for employers to flexibly respond to fluctuations in production, or in the case of time-limited contracts, or seasonal work, etc. This form of employment brings with it a number of benefits such as:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Flexible selection of employees
  • Transfer of payroll and personnel agenda for assigned employees to us
  • Possibility to terminate the secondment at any time
  • Training of assigned employees (OSH, PO, CO, VZV)
  • And other benefits


The recruiting service will provide you with a qualified and professional selection of suitable candidates according to your requirements and criteria. This service is comprehensive and includes the entire implementation of the process

  • from the job specification,
  • by finding and testing suitable candidates according to your criteria,
  • to presentations by the best candidates for the job.

Try & Hire

Are you interested in recruiting new employees but worried about whether your new plans will be successful? Or do you want to test new employees for longer than the law allows? In this case, we offer you Try & Hire, which is a combination of staff leasing and recruiting. It is a form of employment where you have the opportunity to test the employee's skills first and decide at any time whether it is more advantageous for you to keep the employment relationship with the employee or to keep him/her as a temporary employee working for you.

Brigádnický service

Temporary workers are an effective reinforcement in case you have some emergency or seasonal work, for which it is not possible to deploy regular employees from the point of view of efficiency. Brigádnicky service is the solution if:

  • The needs of the work are daily only for a few hours
  • Labour needs are irregular
  • During periods of leave or sick leave of tribal staff
  • In times of seasonal and impact work

Cleaning and janitorial service

We provide cleaning and janitorial services in office premises, shopping centres, hotels, manufacturing and industrial plants. We also provide cleaning of facades, windows, blinds, carpets and floors. One of our specialties is solving complex tasks in sensitive areas such as: CNC machines, ventilation systems or electronic data processing equipment. We carry out cleaning and janitorial work in cycles:

  • Shift
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Flesh
  • Seasonal

Accommodation service

We have three accommodation facilities in the Bratislava region, which with a capacity of about 450 beds sufficiently cover the needs of both our own and our business partners. The facilities are located in the Bratislava region and are designed with a cellular system.

Training centre

In our training centre we prepare candidates for work with VZV, NZV and various other positions in the logistics and automotive sector, where we test their manual dexterity, reaction speed, colour sensitivity, etc. Based on personal profiling and skills, candidates are then placed on temporary assignment.

  • In the training centre we use our own VZV, NZV and other handling equipment as well as warehouse racks, stackers and other support and teaching systems and didactic aids
  • Of course there is OSH training, PO and medical examination
  • If necessary, we can come directly to you with our equipment and carry out the training at your location

In order to make our services as good as possible for our and "your" employees, we offer a wide range of employee benefits


If you are in a difficult life situation (divorce, foreclosure, inheritance, etc.), where you need professional legal assistance and have no one to turn to, our professional legal team is at your disposal to advise and assist you free of charge.


For employees who meet the criteria (some may vary by operation), a certain amount of money is set aside each month for redistribution to interest-free employee loans.


Employees receive free tickets to the cinema, theatre, sports venues or are reimbursed for these tickets by agreement. We organize teambuilding meetings, various sporting events and competitions for valuable prizes.


Your coordinator will provide support and help you to adapt to your new workplace and accommodation, as well as help you to find your way around the new city.


We can provide accommodation for each employee at a nearby place of work or, in cooperation with the employer, we can arrange transport from the surrounding area.
In this way we try to motivate them, stabilize them and, if necessary and possible, help them in certain difficult life situations of today.
Arranging stays for employees who want to work or do business in Slovakia

We assist non-EU citizens with applications for work permits, temporary residence, business in the territory of the Slovak Republic

  • We save you time and effort
  • Our goal is to be your partner you can rely on
  • We provide 24/7 advice and help you with any questions or problems that may arise

Accredited training centre for driving all classes of motorised trucks

The training centre EUROPERSONAL & SERVIS, s.r.o. is accredited by the National Labour Inspectorate and offers training for driving motorised trucks of all classes and types according to STN 268805. We conduct basic, extension, refresher and refresher courses for motorized wheelchair operators.

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